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Almost everything in our homes today is affected by a chemical in some form or another. For example, bread is a staple in everyone’s diet, but did you know that research has found that at any given time there could be up to 15 chemicals present in this seemingly innocuous food item!  Looks really can be deceiving when it comes to deciphering what is chemical free and what isn’t.  Your face wash, for example, contains over 5 chemicals while other products that we use on a daily basis are increasingly relying on toxic synthetic ingredients. While it is almost impossible to completely eliminate the use of chemicals, we need to make an effort to lower the amount we bring into our lives as much as possible. Chemicals disrupt hormones in our system and this could destroy our body’s natural defenses, thereby increasing the possibility of diseases including an increased risk of cancer.

Here are 10 ways in which to try and live a chemical free life:

  1. The next time you go grocery shopping, opt for fresh produce instead of canned goods. All canned goods contain preservatives and other compounds aimed at increasing their shelf life which can be harmful. Canned goods also contain no nutrients i.e empty calories.

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  1. Keep your distance from smokers because when you inhale passive smoke, you may as well be a smoker yourself. Or even better, try and quit smoking. Tobacco is one of the world’s most popular toxins and in 2014 a shocking 5.8 trillion cigarettes were sold around the globe!

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  1. Try and quench your thirst with only water, not canned or other fizzy drinks. All of these contain a huge variety of chemicals and large quantities of sugar.

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  1. Instead of canned air fresheners that are full of toxins that eventually make their way into your lungs, opt for a homemade room freshener made using baking soda, mild soap, water, and lemon. Add a dash of essential oil for a delicious smelling spray.

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  1. Eat right and exercise regularly. Green leafy foods, fresh fruits and nuts are the best ingredients for your system. A regular jog will do wonders for your complexion as well, since exercise eliminates toxins from your system.

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  1. Try growing a plant in your home. A potted plant not only purifies the air that you breathe, it adds a lovely pop of colour to any room. NASA conducted extensive research on houseplants and found that they are natural air purifiers.

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  1. Sprinkle baking soda all over your carpet to clean it without using harsh substances. After 15 minutes, vacuum the residue. Easy and chemical free.

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  1. When buying cosmetics and toiletries, try to avoid products with fragrance in them as these contain harmful chemicals that may cause hormone imbalance. Shampoos and perfumes are especially susceptible to this. Instead opt for essential oils.

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  1. If you are giving your home a makeover, make sure you pick non toxic paints for your walls. They can be bought from eco-friendly companies.

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  1. For the best dental health, try using a toothpaste made with all natural, non-toxic ingredients such as tea tree oil and neem oil.

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Incorporate these 10 steps for a chemical-free life to not only benefit others around you but to help our environment and our planet as well.





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