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Ever wonder why certain moisturizers work better for your skin, or which makeup tip and lipstick goes well with your favourite dress, what elusive beauty tip of the fashion industry keeps the girls looking so fabulous, the secrets to natural beauty and glowing skin, tips for healthy hair, all the tricks on how to do your makeup, or just curiousity to always be in the know of the latest beauty product to hit the market or what’s in and trendy for the season?

Girls, never be the last to know anymore, because all you have to do is ask us at! Send us your questions and we promise to give you our thoughtful, honest, unabashed and unbiased opinion every single time. We want to hear from you, and want to help you always be and feel beautiful.

Email us your questions at Or if Twitter’s your fancy, just send us a Tweet @littleredtote.

And don’t forget, if you ever want to talk all things beauty, style and fashion just reach out to us and join the conversation!

We’re here and we’re listening!


XOXO – Fleur and Nethra

little red tote

Image: littleredtote
Photographer: Rafique Sayed; Stylist: Sohini Das; Makeup: Mahesh Bhasme; Hair: Ridhima Sharma

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