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Selfies… What’s that??? The newest non selfies doing the rounds…

While a good selfie will never go out of fashion, recently several images that have captured some poignant moments have been going viral. Here are a few non-selfies that have been trending on social media recently.
Iphone 6 legs

Women in China have been taking pictures with their iPhones covering their knees. Women are taking this bizarre photograph in a bid to prove how thin they are. The disturbing trend comes two weeks after another trend that emerged in China called the ‘A4 waist’. Women would take pictures of themselves posing with a piece of A4 paper in front of their stomach to show off their svelte figure. Both these trends are damaging for anyone’s body image but both seem to have gone viral, in China at least.

iPhoneLegs. selfies. non-selfies                                                                                         (image via
Photo Bomb

Ben Innes was a passenger on board the Egypt Air 181 flight that was hijacked this week. In a shocking turn of events, at some point during the 7-hour ordeal, the British health worker Innes decided he wanted to take a picture with the hijacker. He asked an air hostess to take his picture posing with the hijacker, even smiling for the camera. Mr Innes’ picture quickly went viral and he received plenty of backlash for the callous move, which many blamed on the ‘Facebook selfie obsessed generation.’

beninnes, selfies, non selfies                                                                          (Image via


Brussels bombings

A wave of bombs swept the Brussels main airport and Metro system last week, leaving 198 injured and killing 34 people. To show their solidarity in this time of grief, several cartoonists have been posting images on twitter. Belgian artist Marec created a popular cartoon showing a hand holding French fries, a product that Brussels is famous for. The hand resembles the pose of the statue of liberty in New York and is a strong message of defiance and solidarity.

brussels bombing, selfie, non-selfie

(Image via

Another hugely popular product of Brussels is the Tintin comic and a modification of this iconic cartoon by creator Herge has also been shared extensively on social media. The image shows Tintin and his sidekick Snoopy in a state of distress, an emotion that will resound with many.

brussels bombing, selfie, non-selfie                                                                              (Image via

These images show that while a selfie may still be the most popular type of picture that is taken, a non selfie can be just as powerful when you want to capture the moment.



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