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Why We Love a Man With a Beard

Beards have been making a major comeback since last year. What would have earlier been considered a sign of someone having given up on basic grooming has today become the height of cool. Even science has proven that women are more attracted to men with moderate stubble and even a full grown beard.


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A man with a beard is instantly cooler and gives off an air of maturity and being worldly wise. Ask yourself, wouldn’t you rather get advice from a man with a beard than a clean shaven boy?


Another reason we love a man with a beard is because he has great skin. When a man doesn’t shave, his skin tends to be blemish-free as most facial bumps are caused by razors irritating the skin and spreading bacteria. Beards also protect a man’s face from harsh winds and keep his natural moisture locked in. Facial hair is also known to block up to 95 per cent of the sun’s UV rays from harming the skin.




Historically speaking, the ancient Greeks believed a beard was a sign of a man’s maturity while the Egyptians viewed the beard as a symbol of kingship. The fierce Vikings all sported beards and so do today’s rock stars. The overall pattern seems to be: beard equals power.




According to a study that was published in 2015, bearded men appear intimidating to other men as the beard makes a man’s jawline appear larger. So the damsel inside you can feel safe the next time you find yourself walking down a dark alley alone with him.

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