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Want to join the beauty conversation?

This is for all of you who love the world of beauty, fashion and celebrity – for all you enthusiasts who are or would like to be in the know of all the latest beauty tips, natural beauty secrets, glowing skin care tips, latest hairstyles, and the latest fashion trends and styles that’s hot right this minute. If you have an urge to share your ideas and a penchant and flair for writing, we welcome you to join our littleredtote.com family as a guest writer. We continue to look for the brightest and most passionate writers to join our growing team on the world of beauty tips and more… this is your chance to be a part of our uber-exciting portal.

We’re looking for you to help fill our site with interesting and informative articles and opinions. We want original, exciting and interesting posts on any of the many areas covered by littleredtote.com, from personal experiences to reviews to news on the world of beauty, fashion and celebrity.

We particularly like stuff that hasn’t been done a hundred times before (please), creativity of every kind – writing, artwork, photographs, infographics, videos. We love unique opinions and genuine perspectives, funny and witty stuff, things that make you go “wow, that was so cool!”

And we know you have it in you!

‘That’s all very well’ you may be thinking, ‘but what’s in it for me?’ Well, if the kudos of writing for littleredtote.com wasn’t enough for you, we will link back to your own blog and/or Twitter profile from your author’s signature. We’ll also be running competitions with some very exclusive prizes for our best bloggers, so keep your eyes peeled.

What’s more, you’ll be constantly sharing and creating directly with us, Nethra Raghuraman and Fleur Xavier, and together we’ll bring the freshest and coolest opinions with our exceptionally passionate beauty community. We are so excited to have you work with us, and am sure you’ll feel the same way too!

Here’s a few tips and style guides, so you get an idea of what we are after. Have a read, let your imagination go wild and don’t forget to put it all down on paper… err pixel! Then send us an email to iwrite@littleredtote.com to send us your ideas and we promise to get right back to you.

Guest Blogging Rules

Just a few do’s and don’t that we want you to bear in mind:

1) We at littleredtote.com are very proud to always give our community truly fresh and original copy and we ask you to do the same. Please don’t palm us off with duplicate content, because we’ll be checking for plagiarism and cross posting. Not only will offenders not have their posts published, but we will frown disapprovingly, which gives us wrinkles, and nobody wants that ;o)

2) littleredtote.com is a universally-friendly site so please think about the people. As a result the following will not be tolerated: swearing, intolerant or offensive views or language, graphic sexual references

3) Okay so maybe you have a particular favourite beauty brand, but we don’t need to hear about it in every other sentence. No overt product placement please. We want you to showcase your writing skills, not advertise products.

4) And on a similar note we all know just how irritating spam links are, so please be mindful of the links you share. Irrelevant links will need to be removed. This is about allowing bloggers to show their work and gain exposure, so we can’t allow links to corporate/sales sites.

5) On the other hand, we understand that you’ve put time and effort into writing a quality blog for us and you deserve all the credit due, so we are more than happy to allow a link to your blog and/or your Twitter page in your author bio.

6) We’re all friends here so there’s no need to get personal. Sometimes something is so terrible you’ve just got to give it a bad review, and we understand that, but anything that could be deemed an outright attack on an individual or organisation is not acceptable.

7) Much as we all us girls like a good gossip, what we don’t like are expensive libel actions. Please don’t make any statements you can’t back up, and if you do state anything outrageous we need to show accurate proof to support this claim.

8) The Editor’s decision is final, that’s why she’s the Editor ;o)

Get in touch with us at iwrite@littleredtote.com to join our special guest blogger community.


Fleur and Nethra

little red tote

Image: little red tote

Photographer: Rafique Sayed; Stylist: Sohini Das; Makeup: Mahesh Bhasme; Hair: Ridhima Sharma

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